Committees are vital to the success of our CFMA chapter.  Members can volunteer in a variety of ways within CFMA.  This is a great way for you to get to know other members of the association.  Time commitments vary by committee, but most meet once a month or quarter for about an hour.  They are fun and informative meetings. 

Membership Committee 

Mission Statement: To promote membership and involvement in CFMA by and through (1) Identifying & recruiting candidates for membership; (2) Educating the local construction industry on the benefits of membership; (3) Assisting existing members in becoming active participants in the organization; and (4) Recognizing new members, membership tenure and commitment, and the chapter’s accomplishments.



  • Identifying and Recruiting Prospective Members.
  • Promoting CFMA at Industry Events
  • Hold Membership Drives
  • Member Retention
  • Integrate New Members into The Organization
  • Answers Inquiries Regarding Membership
  • New Member Recognition
  • Membership Recognition

Meeting Cadence/Time Commitment: semi-annual / 1 hour per month


Programs Committee  

Mission Statement: To design and execute quarterly programs reflecting the educational, informational, and networking needs of our Siouxland Chapter Members. These programs will be relevant, timely, and presented in formats most convenient and meaningful to our members.



  • Planning meetings
  • Program leads
  • Publicize Events
  • Venue Selection
  • Event
  • Co-sponsorship
  • Event Sponsorship

Meeting Cadence/Time Commitment: at least quarterly / 1-2 hours per month

Publicity/Communications Committee 

Mission Statement: The Publicity / Communications Committee is responsible for promoting the Construction Financial Management Association overall and our Siouxland Chapter in particular. Our mission is to (1) engage our members in the life, opportunities, and value of CFMA locally, regionally, and nationally and (2) excite interest in CFMA in the Siouxland area, particularly among those both working in and serving the construction industry.



  • Update the chapter website
  • Monitor and respond to emails
  • Promote chapter events
  • Engage members through social media platforms.
  • Share chapter updates and news to the membership
  • Communicate to members an overview of quarterly meeting content
  • Promote CFMA regional and national events
  • ·       Work with the members of other Siouxland chapter committees to communicate and promote results of their activities (e.g. golf flyers, membership drives, etc.)
  • Complete the annual Chapter Benchmarking and Awards with CFMA National
  • Promotion of the Siouxland CFMA chapter at industry tradeshows and events

Meeting Cadence/Time Commitment: none / 1 hour per month

Golf Tournament Committee

Mission Statement: To organize an annual golf outing to provide the Siouxland Chapter of the CFMA that promotes fellowship and fun, while raising funds for the chapter's scholarship program.



  • Set Date: The date for the annual Golf Outing
  • Develop Budget
  • Review Possible Golf Course Options
  • Contract with Chosen Course/Venue & Finalize Budget.
  • Approach Membership about Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Register Golfers
  • On Course Events
  • Develop Foursomes and Organize Day-Of Activities
  • Confirm Volunteers
  • Work with Course to Confirm Event Details

Meeting Cadence/Time Commitment: quarterly / 1-2 hours per month

CCIFP Chapter Champion

The CCIFP Chapter Champion is responsible for increasing the number of CCIFPs in our chapter by talking about certification at chapter meetings. Supporting members who on in the process of being certified. Sharing information about being a CCIFP and supporting any study groups that we host.


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Siouxland Chapter Committee Members
Program CommitteeBrenda Moore, Chair
 Gene Thompson
 Scott Kelderman
 Zach Rikkers 
 Brandi Marso
Membership CommitteeSean Mayer, Chair
 Sara Andrews
 Cindy Cosand
 Patrick Erickson
 Matt Ramstad
Public Relations / Communications CommitteeZach Rikkers, Chair
Industry Builder Golf Tournament CommitteeDan Doyle, Chair
 Cindy Cosand
 Brent Impecoven
Suicide Prevention ChampionGene Thompson
CCIFP Chapter ChampionJoel Van Egdom