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Leadership - The Focus of March Meeting

What does great leadership mean to you? At our March quarterly meeting held on March 15, we had the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop, led by Dr. Danielle Crough, where we examined what great leadership looks like. The primary emphasis of the workshop was to examine leadership through the eyes of followers, as was demonstrated by the title of the meeting: "Want To Be A Better Leader? Think Like A Follower."

Through the interactive workshop, we discussed the concepts with other attendees and reflected on how to apply those to current projects or leadership situations. We also discussed leadership myths, shared leadership books, and discussed how to interview for great leadership. Dr. Crough led us to examine what empathy really means, and advised each of us as leaders to pursue "radical candor," which is characterized by both personal caring and the willingness to challenge directly. In our culture in the midwest, we often fall into the dangerous trap of ruinous empathy, where we care so much that we don't give the direct feedback that is really needed to help the other individual. Finally, we also examined leadership of strategy through the metaphor of a journey. Practicing empathy requires that we seek to see the journey through the eyes of the travelers, as they move through the five stages of the journey: the dream, the leap, the fight, the climb, and the arrival.

The meeting demonstrated the benefits of CFMA...great education from an excellent speaker, and the opportunity to network with others in our industry!