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June Meeting & Golf Event Recap...thank you speakers & sponsors!


Our June Siouxland CFMA quarterly meeting was held on June 15 at CJ Callaways in Sioux Falls. We had an excellent turnout for the meeting, which offered several labor-related topics for education. The meeting was followed by a delicious lunch and the opportunity to walk through one of the AGC training trailers, before numerous members and guests hit the golf course for our 6th Annual Industry Builder Golf Tournament.

Jim Kayl, principal at the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Academy in Sioux Falls, kicked off the meeting with a summary of the programs the academy is offering, and activities they are doing, particularly related to the construction industry. The CTE Academy is offering a 4-day construction camp in late June and will also be hosting the AGC Construction Awareness days in October. Jim also reminded the group of the opportunity to sponsor programs and labs or to become active in the internships that CTE offers to students.

Following the CTE Academy overview, Mark Broders and Dana Jackson of RSM US LLP spoke on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. The credit is a federal credit, administered by the states, that can provide a dollar for dollar reduction in tax by up to $9,600 per eligible employee. The process requires eligible employees to be certified and several forms are mandatory in proving the eligibility of the employee. RSM US LLP does offer the service to assist employers in taking advantage of this tax credit, and leverages call center, web portal, or paper form options to make gathering the proof needed as efficient as possible for employers and employees. If you are interested, don't hesitate to reach out to them for support.

Our final speaker for the meeting was Nichole Mohning, partner with Cutler Law Firm, LLP. Nicole covered a number of updates in the area of employment law, including overtime exemption updates, travel time rules, independent contractor rules and guidance, and more. Nichole joined Cutler Law Firm, LLP in 2008 and proved through her presentation that she brings great knowledge and experience in dealing with employment law issues.

Following a great lunch from CJ Callaway, attendees had the opportunity to walk through one of the AGC training trailers being used to help grow construction awareness and interest among the young people of South Dakota. After that, it was time to hit the golf course at Prairie Green, and the weather was excellent for the 16 teams chasing the ball around all afternoon! Proceeds from our golf event are used each year to support students pursuing careers in the construction industry, and we thank the team and sponsors who help make that possible each year!